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Release Notes - June 8, 2021
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New Features

  • Only workspace admin can now see the All Members page.

  • Additional Improvements to Cerby Users support:

    • Users can edit the first name and last name

    • Supported for login across mobile and extensions

    • User removal now works

    • Able to activate users in the All Members view


  • Facebook account linking button no longer overflows display container

  • The last password rotation is now shown once again in the Account Settings view.

  • It is now possible to edit the login URL for Unmanaged Apps

  • Pagination of All Members view now shows 20 users per page

  • Users now appear for all Activity report rows

  • When clicking on the Cerby login button from share email, users no longer have to specify their workspace name.

  • Filtering by Facebook app type now works on the Activity view.

  • Password rotation details now appear once again in the “Account Settings” view.

Known Issues

  • Not able to update usernames associated with Unmanaged Apps.

  • Refresh tokens do not appear to be respected on mobile for SAML-backed workspaces.

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