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Release Notes - April 27, 2021
Release Notes - April 27, 2021
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New Features

  • The SAML-based Cerby Azure AD integration is now live in the Azure Ad App Gallery.

  • Initial release of Facebook Business Manager support. Users can now import Facebook Business Manager assets and share them with corporate users via their personal Facebook profile. Beta release only.

  • Initial release of Collections support. Users can now create collections and group accounts into those collections.

  • In page updates on 2FA onboarding and Password Rotations are now available, enabling users to understand when the backend task has been completed without updating the page.

  • Account tiles in the Cerby web dashboard now show the last time a user logged in to an account.

  • User experience improvements to make web dashboard styles more consistent from page to page.

  • Users can now add additional domains in which they can access credentials for “unmanaged” applications.

  • One-click autofill of passwords and 2FA codes is now possible for supported sites.


  • Deleted accounts are no longer shown in the mobile app account listing view.

  • Field detection has been improved to reduce false positives.

  • Disabling MFA for an account was not enforcing a separate identity challenge.

  • Better session management within a tab to ensure a page reload does not block usage of manual credential insertion.

  • Account sharing for Google identity powered workspaces now works even when the user has not shared their name with Cerby.

  • In page credential insertion now logs a “Manual Login Attempt” in the Activity report.

Known Issues

  • Android mobile app requires a hard swipe right to exit the QR scan view.

  • Analytics for the Android mobile app incorrectly report iOS instead of Android.

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