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Release Notes - April 13, 2021
Release Notes - April 13, 2021
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New Features

  • Restyled browser extensions for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.

  • Cerby menu option is now available in the browser context menu to activate credential insertion in any undetected field.

  • Health check to determine if 2FA is still turned on for certain social media applications.

  • Update Twitter login logic to prioritize logging in with the username instead of the account’s email address.


  • Pen test fixes to ensure 2FA device actions and account deletion actions are always authenticated.

  • Activity report performance improvements to load large data sets beyond 7+ days.

  • Browser detection to direct users to the appropriate browser plugin store.

  • Password autofill on Android now working for Instagram.

  • Firefox extension fixes for credential one-click autofill and autofill of 2FA authentication code for Instagram.

  • Fix for showing the OTP secret correctly for deleted accounts within the Cerby dashboard to enable easier offboarding of an account.

Known Issues

  • 2FA fields are not detected for one-click autofill in browsers.

  • Logins initiated by in-browser credential insertion are not shown currently in the Activity report.

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