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Release Notes - March 30, 2021
Release Notes - March 30, 2021
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New Features

  • The session refresh is now supported for Web app and Browser extensions provided you have configured Cerby as a custom Okta app, an Okta/SAML app, or is Google Identity powered.

  • Account validation is now available at the time of account creation.


  • The issue where a second Unmanaged application could not be created with the same username as from another Unmanaged application.

  • It is now possible to close the password injection menu by clicking off the menu or pressing ESC.

  • The state is now maintained when copying values from the browser extension in the browser navigation menu.

  • It is now possible to refresh the Activity and All Members pages without an S3 error.

  • The account name was cut off in the browser extension.

  • It is now possible to add an Unmanaged app URL with more than 50 characters.

Known Issues

  • 2FA identity challenge is currently not issued when attempting to edit the IDP settings for a workspace.

  • OTP secret is oddly displayed for deleted accounts, showing the full OTP URL instead of just the text secret.

  • OS and Device dimensions are not shown for mobile logins in the Activity Report.

  • Location is not shown in browser-based logins in the Activity Report.

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