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Release Notes - November 9, 2021
Release Notes - November 9, 2021
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New Features

  • Users are now able to delete emails from the Shared Inbox in the web application.

  • The phone number is now a required value to create a VK and account.

  • The web application now supports 2FA backup codes for Twitter and Pinterest. Users can store 2FA custom backup codes.

  • You can now use the Reload button to retrieve the latest messages in the Shared Inbox.


  • Pop-up windows no longer close when using the browser navigation buttons in the web application.

  • The Accounts tab no longer displays a date in the Last Used column when accounts have never been accessed in the web application.

  • Users can no longer edit the Cerby-managed email and phone number in the Edit Account Details section of the General tab in the web application.

  • The password rotation process is no longer interrupted when users click the Edit Account Details button to enter information while the process is still running in the background.

  • The mobile application no longer enables users to copy 2FA OTP codes when codes have not arrived.

  • Confirmation requests in the mobile application no longer display empty messages.

  • The mobile application no longer displays an incomplete email address when clicking the user avatar.

  • The search placeholder of the mobile application is improved.

  • The issues with forwarding and deleting emails in the Shared Inbox are fixed.

  • Users are no longer unable to forward or delete emails in the Shared Inbox.

  • Users are no longer duplicated when using SCIM and JIT configurations with Okta and Azure AD.

  • The issue with TikTok messages not arriving in the Shared Inbox is fixed.

Known Issues

  • Users who don’t finish the initial configuration of a workspace cannot resume the process if they exit the page or the token expires.

  • The web application does not correctly display the left side navigation menu of the dashboard because of the detected screen resolution using Firefox.

  • The mobile application does not correctly work when users lose Internet connection while performing an action.

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