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Release Notes - February 4, 2022
Release Notes - February 4, 2022
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New Features

  • Users can now see categorized members of assets when syncing business accounts in the web application.

  • The Domo application is now supported by Cerby.

  • Autologin is now supported for YouTube accounts from the browser extension.

  • Users can now choose 7 days as a password rotation option in the web application.


  • The issue with the password rotation on TikTok using a Cerby-managed phone number and email is fixed.

  • The issues with accessing the details of an account and opening a new browser tab, and with clicking the Go to account button in the browser extension are fixed.

  • The issue with the 2FA Code View button in the Firefox browser extension is fixed.

  • The issue with the refresh token push notifications in the mobile application is fixed.

  • The issue with progress bars in the Policies view in the web application is fixed.

Security Fixes

  • A potential unauthorized data access issue with is fixed. Discovery credit: Ramon Dunker.

  • A potential click-jacking configuration issue with the site is fixed. Discovery credit: Affan Rashid.

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