What are Secrets?

This article describes the key benefits of the Secrets feature that enables you to save important information and file attachments in Cerby.

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Release date: March 30, 2023

You asked for it. You can now save important information and attachments securely in Cerby and share them with your colleagues.

We are thrilled to announce the release of our Secrets feature. We got you and your colleagues covered with an encrypted environment to keep your data protected.

Enhance collaboration by saving and sharing information and attachments such as the following:

  • Credentials for on-premise and legacy applications

  • Serial numbers

  • License keys and expiration dates

  • Contact information about licenses and seats for applications

  • Network login information

Check out the Secrets view in your Cerby dashboard, as shown in Figure 1.

Screenshot of the Cerby dashboard with the Secrets view open and displaying multiple secret cards

Figure 1. Secrets view

What can you do with Secrets?

With Secrets, you can do the following:

  • Write, edit, view, and share important information with other users and teams through Cerby.

  • View and share secrets through the Cerby web app and mobile app.

  • Add attachments to a secret.

  • View and download attachments through the Cerby web app and mobile app.

  • Add secrets to collections.

  • Assign Owner or Collaborator access when sharing a secret.

  • Configure an identity challenge for users to confirm their identity each time they want to view a secret through the Cerby web app and mobile app.

  • View the history of a secret and restore it to a previous version.

  • Take advantage of the Password Manager Importer feature to transfer all your secure notes and attachments to Cerby. For more information, read the How to use the Password Manager Importer article.

Can’t wait, let’s start

If you are as excited as us about this new feature, here’s what you have to do next:

  1. Add a secret to Cerby and, optionally, a file attachment.

  2. Configure an identity challenge to ask users with shared access for an identity confirmation to view the secret, optionally.

  3. Start sharing the secret with your colleagues in Cerby.

For detailed instructions and descriptions of the supported features, read the How to use Secrets article.

Hold on. There's more?

Sit tight. Our Development team is currently working on the following features to be released soon:

  • The ability to view secrets through the Cerby browser extension.

  • The ability to share a secret via Partners.

  • The ability to share time-based secrets.

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