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What is the Password Manager Importer?
What is the Password Manager Importer?

This article describes the key benefits of the Password Manager Importer feature that enables you to transfer items to Cerby.

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Release date: March 30, 2023

Transitioning from any password manager can be stressful and time-consuming. Cerby got you covered.

We released our Password Manager Importer feature to make this transition seamless and secure. Instead of manually adding your corporate accounts, you can sync and import to Cerby, in one go, the following items you have saved in your password manager: accounts, folders, secure notes, attachments, and user access permissions.

After the import, you can start managing and protecting your accounts through Cerby. Also, you can use Cerby to share secure notes with your colleagues.

Check out the Import report view in your Cerby dashboard that's displayed after importing the folders and items from your password manager, as shown in Figure 1.

Screenshot of the Cerby dashboard with the Import report view open and displaying the report of items imported from a password manager to Cerby

Figure 1. Import report view

What can you do with the Password Manager Importer?

With the Password Manager Importer, which currently supports LastPass, you can do the following:

  • Select folders and import to Cerby all of the items inside such folders as follows:

    • Passwords become accounts.

    • Secure notes and their attachments become secrets.

    • Folders become collections of accounts and secrets.

    • Groups become teams.

  • Import user access permissions for folders, passwords, and secure notes. These permissions automatically propagate to collections, accounts, and secrets for users with an existing Cerby account.

  • Match users automatically to their Cerby account.

  • Import the following items to their corresponding secret types in Cerby:

    • WiFi

    • Database

    • SSH keys

    • Server

    • Software license

    • Custom item

  • Keep a record of users who had access to your accounts through the password manager. You can later decide to share access in Cerby directly or via Partners or Guest Users if they are external collaborators.

Can’t wait, let’s start

If you are as excited as us about this new feature, here’s what you have to do next:

  1. Sync items from your password manager.

  2. Select folders and import them to Cerby.

  3. Onboard pending items.

  4. Start managing your items through Cerby.

For detailed instructions and descriptions of the supported features, read the How to use the Password Manager Importer article.

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