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Release Notes - May 15, 2023
Release Notes - May 15, 2023
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New Features

  • Love keeps coming to our Cerby mobile app. With the versions v1.0.89 for Android and v1.0.39 for iOS, you can now do the following:

    • View secrets configured with an identity challenge. Behind the scenes, Cerby ensures that only the device requesting to view the secret can open it.

    • Know when you reached the end of the list of accounts and secrets when you scroll down. Cerby the dog will let you know, wink.

    • Access secrets inside collections.

    • View the teams with shared access to your secrets. Previously, you could only view the team members individually.

    • Identify easily if an email address or phone number is managed by Cerby. We added a tag in the account details screen.

  • A secret without a text body is still a secret. That’s why we support them now.

  • Talking about improvements, you can now benefit from the following using the Cerby web app:

    • A Shared via column was implemented in the Members tab of an account, secret, and collection details page. The goal is to let you know how an item is shared with you.

    • The grid view is available to display the accounts and secrets in their corresponding tab inside the collection details page.

    • A button is available to add accounts or secrets when you are on the account or secret details pages. Just activate the Accounts or Secrets tab and click the corresponding Manage accounts or Manage secrets button.

  • We take information security seriously. In compliance with the SOC 2 Type II certification, we’ve implemented a Terms of service agreement dialog box for all our users. Please take a minute to review and accept it when it appears.

  • The remaining pieces of the Password Manager Importer feature are in their place. Here’s what you can import now:

    • Folders and subfolders of secure notes with and without attachments to collections

    • Missing team members in bulk with a CSV file.

    • Account- and secret-level permissions for users.

  • Tenant admins, rest assured. Now, Cerby got you covered with automatic daily checks for updates for Apple and Verizon tenants.


  • The issue with being unable to change the role of a team on an account via the Teams tab on the account details page is fixed.

  • The issue with displaying long account names on the Add Accounts page of the Create a Collection wizard is fixed.

  • The issue with deleting collections and accounts from the Teams view is fixed. Now, they disappear immediately.

  • The issue with displaying a previously selected team when selecting a different team in the Teams view is fixed.

  • The issue with matching, removing, or exempting users from a tenant is fixed. Now, the User Overview section is refreshed automatically after performing any of these actions.

  • The issue with refreshing the list of saved versions of a secret whenever you reach the bottom of the list on the Secret history dialog box is fixed.

  • The issue with the in-field Cerby icon disappearing from the Update your password dialog box for Discord is fixed.

  • The issue with the number of billable accounts that involved Meta in the Billing Report view is fixed.

  • The issue with the button for our LinkedIn profile on the site redirecting to an incorrect page is fixed. Report credit: Milan Jain.

  • The following issues in our newest version of the Cerby mobile app are fixed:

    • The app kept loading when tapping an empty collection.

    • The keyboard blocked the Message field when sharing an account and entering a message, making it difficult to know what you were writing.

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