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Release Notes - June 26, 2023
Release Notes - June 26, 2023
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New Features

  • We keep improving our automation to make your work easier. The checks for updates and data syncs for tenants and business centers now automatically match users with their Cerby accounts.

  • Talking about improvements, we continue refining our roles to provide you with the best experience and control. Now, users with the Account Collaborator role on an account can only see the Log in button on the account details page.

  • We don’t want to annoy you with never-ending prompts. The feature to save your credentials at login via the Cerby browser extension now only asks three times if you want to add an account to Cerby.

  • We’ve given a makeover to the table of users in the Members tab of a tenant. Enjoy the improved user experience!

  • The pagination in the Activity view is now collapsed. So, forget about seeing multiple pages listed.

  • The auto-generated user profile avatars for teams no longer support special characters. Get ready to see only letters.

  • An improvement for collections to provide visibility about teams. The Teams tab is now available on the collection details page, where you can share or remove collections from teams, as well as change the role of the team on the collections.


  • The issue with being unable to request access to an account after an import from LastPass is fixed.

  • The issue with the business ID of a Meta Business Manager account not being updated on the account details page after editing it is fixed.

  • The issue with displaying “Never” in the Last Used column of the Members tab inside the collection details page is fixed.

  • The issue with being unable to enter URLs longer than 50 characters when adding an account through the Add account wizard is fixed.

  • The issue with entering an incorrect secret key when setting up two-factor authentication (2FA) for an account and still seeing a success message box is fixed.

  • The issue with displaying a loading skeleton for empty teams through the Teams view is fixed.

  • The issue with editing the body of a secret and not updating the text is fixed.

  • The issue with the Cerby web app breaking when a migration error occurs is fixed. We also extended the waiting time for an import to be performed to avoid timeout errors.

  • The issue with not identifying by domain the non-supported accounts after an import from LastPass is fixed. We now display the domain.

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