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[Video] How to join Cerby from a guest user invite
[Video] How to join Cerby from a guest user invite

This video shows how external collaborators can join a Cerby workspace from a guest user invite.

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Key concepts

  • The Guest Users feature enables external collaborators to join a Cerby workspace without being added to a corporate directory managed by an identity provider, such as Okta or Azure AD.

  • After receiving an invite via email, you must set up your Cerby account because authentication to the workspace is managed by Cerby. Additionally, for an optimized experience, Cerby recommends installing the client apps by completing the instructions in the following videos:

  • As a guest user, you can only receive Collaborator access grants to accounts, secrets, and collections from item Owners. Therefore, you can only perform the following actions:

    • Log in to accounts.

    • View secret content and download attachments.

    • View the items inside a collection, log in to accounts, and view secret content and download attachments.

  • For more information about this feature, read the How to invite a guest user to your workspace article.

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