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How to remove user access to your accounts
How to remove user access to your accounts

This article describes how to remove access to your accounts for other users in your workspace.

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Account Owners can remove access to their accounts for other users in their workspace using the Cerby web app.

To remove user access to your accounts, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to your corresponding Cerby workspace.

  2. Select the All accounts option from the left navigation drawer. The All accounts view is displayed.

  3. Click the Settings icon of the corresponding account card. The account details page is displayed with the Settings tab activated.

  4. Activate the Members tab. The User Overview table is displayed with the list of users who have access to the account.

  5. Click the More options icon of the corresponding user. A drop-down list is displayed.

  6. Select the Remove from account option. The access removal dialog box is displayed.

  7. Click the Remove from account button. The dialog box closes, and a success message box is displayed.

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