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Managing your trusted devices
[Video] How to set up your trusted devices
[Video] How to set up your trusted devices

This video shows how to set up the Cerby web app, browser extension, and mobile app as trusted devices, required in local encryption vaults.

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Key concepts

  • A trusted device is any of the three client apps you use to access Cerby: our web app, browser extension, and mobile app.

    IMPORTANT: You must set up each client app you use, and you will be prompted to do it every time you log in to your workspace.

  • The trusted device setup is a security requirement for Cerby Protect users and workspaces with local encryption vaults. Only with a trusted device can you access the items shared with you because these devices hold the keys to decrypt the item data.

  • You can only manage your trusted devices through your profile in the Cerby web app.

  • For more information about our encryption schemes and trusted devices, read the How Cerby protects your data with cloud and local encryption and How to set up and manage your trusted devices articles.

  • You can access or install the Cerby client apps from the following links:

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