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Release Notes - January 23, 2024
Release Notes - January 23, 2024

This article describes the latest enhancements and bug fixes to improve your experience using Cerby.

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New features

Here are the new features and improvements we released across the Cerby platform:

  • Remember how enthusiastic we were in the release notes of October? Get ready for another mic drop. We're pumped up because of Cerby Suggest, our new product capability reaching early access mode.
    For customers interested in detecting app sprawl in their organization, contact your Customer Success Manager to learn how to join our Early Access Program. In the meantime, look at the article Explore Cerby Suggest to learn more about the benefits and supported features. Also, check out the Cerby web app dashboard for Suggest, as shown in Figure 1.

    Screenshot of the Cerby web app dashboard. The All accounts view is displayed with multiple account cards and a button at the top right to add an item (account or collection).

    Figure 1. Cerby web app dashboard for Cerby Suggest users

  • We are excited to announce the first steps we are taking towards supporting more items for our Cerby Protect users. You can now add and import to Cerby the following items from LastPass with the corresponding secret type:

    • WiFi

    • Database

    • SSH keys

    • Server

    • Software license

    • Custom item

    You can see these secret types through the Secrets view of the dashboard in any of the Cerby client apps, as shown in Figure 2 for the Cerby web app.

    Screenshot of the Cerby web app dashboard. The Secrets view is displayed with multiple secret cards that correspond to different secret items.

    Figure 2. New secret types in the Secrets view of the Cerby web app dashboard

    IMPORTANT: Currently, you can only add the new secret types using the Cerby web app. For more information, check out our documentation about secrets.

  • We know you wanted flexibility, so the Cerby platform now supports accounts without a URL for those apps you access locally, not through a website, such as hardware devices or desktop apps.
    The process of adding these accounts to Cerby is the same as usual, just leave the App name or URL field blank in the dialog box, and your accounts will be categorized as no URL accounts. Stay tuned because, in the future, you’ll be able to perform automation tasks on these accounts.
    Figure 3 shows how no URL accounts are displayed in the Cerby web app dashboard.

    Screenshot of the Cerby web app dashboard. The All accounts view is displayed with multiple account cards, including two no URL accounts.

    Figure 3. No URL accounts in the Cerby web app dashboard

  • After testing and receiving your feedback, we added a pinch of granularity to our workspace-level roles when it comes to visibility in the All members and Teams views. Take a look at Table 1. For more information about roles, read the article How Cerby manages roles.


Guest user



Super Admin


View other workspace users.



View and add Guest users.





View teams and team members.






Table 1. Workspace-level roles

  • Who says spaces can't be part of the username party? Feel free to add usernames with spaces when saving your items in Cerby. We support them now.

  • Ever heard about Terminator? Well, sometimes your computer can play a time-travel prank on you, causing glitches in the verification codes generated by Cerby when used as an authenticator app for two-factor authentication (2FA). To ensure you're not at the mercy of your devices’ clocks, making time-based one-time passwords (TOTPs) useless, we now retrieve the time from the server.

  • Sneak peek alert! A new, simplified way to add accounts is on the way, along with a new space for your tenants and business center integrations. Stay tuned for our next release notes in February.

If you are interested in any of these new features but don't see them available in your workspace, contact our Customer Support team via email at

Cerby web app

Check out what’s new in our Cerby web app:

  • Collaborators and Guest users can now access the secret details page to view all of the information fields and their saved values.

  • We’ve optimized pagination when using filters to display your accounts in the Activity view. The goal is to reduce loading times and bandwidth consumption and improve navigation.

  • Have you ever wondered how many characters you can enter in any field of a new or existing secret item? We missed it in the first release, but we’ve got you covered now with a counter in every input field, so you know when you are about to reach the limit. Additionally, we added error messages when you surpass the limit.

Cerby browser extension

Explore the latest features in our Cerby browser extension:

  • Based on your feedback, we’ve juiced up the website detection and autofill functionality of our Cerby browser extension in v1.0.255:

    • Cerby automatically detects the current website domain and displays the relevant account information in the browser extension popup. The accounts that belong to the same domain are grouped under the category “For this website” and the rest, under “For other websites.”

    • When you are already on the login page of a website, the login flow that you trigger from the browser extension popup no longer opens a new browser tab. Now, the autofill happens on the same login page.

  • We’re excited about security and want to protect everything for you, but we also know sometimes you want an uninterrupted experience, so we pumped the brakes a little. Now, when you are logged out of the Cerby browser extension, the inline menu doesn’t open automatically when you click an input field. To open it, you must click the Cerby in-field icon. This feature is available from v1.0.266 onwards.
    The same behavior of not opening the inline menu happens when you don’t have an account for the current website. You can check it out from v1.0.257 onwards.

  • A red dot in the Cerby icon now indicates that you don’t have an active session in the Cerby browser extension.

Cerby mobile app

Dive into the newest additions to our Cerby mobile app:

  • We are thrilled to announce a big milestone. The Cerby mobile app for Android v1.0.124 is the first fully native version of the app with features such as the following:

    • We are using Jetpack Compose UI, the latest toolkit developed by Google that will enable our Development team to code faster.

    • We improved the performance and responsiveness of the Cerby mobile app by implementing multithreading with Kotlin coroutines.

    • We cut the size of our app by half and have plans to make it even lighter in the future.

  • The Cerby mobile app keeps getting more powerful. Sharing accounts, secrets, secret items, and collections with other workspace users is now at your fingertips from Android v1.0.125 and iOS v1.0.109 onwards. So, continue collaborating with your coworkers!

  • The Cerby mobile app now supports PDF attachments of a secret item from iOS v1.0.121 and Android v1.0.131 onwards.


Take note of the issues addressed and resolved by the Development team in each Cerby client app.

Cerby web app

  • The issue with the squashed icons when selecting users while creating a distribution list is fixed.

  • The issue with being unable to view the password of an account due to the Cerby web app not being set up as a trusted device is fixed. A dialog box is now displayed automatically to set up the Cerby web app as a trusted device whenever users access Cerby with a new browser.

  • The issue with recategorizing a self-managed account as a no URL account after adding an email address to it is fixed. This behavior happened for accounts migrated from LastPass.

  • The issue of being unable to save the selected recipients of a distribution list in the settings of a Cerby-managed email address is fixed.

  • The issue with Super Admins being unable to search items widely is fixed.

  • The issue with being unable to update the role of a user with shared access to an account is fixed. This behavior happened when trying to make changes through the dialog box you can access in the Members tab of the account details page.

  • The issue with the Import from password manager option not being displayed in the drop-down list of the Add secret button is fixed.

  • The issue with searching for users through the search bar in the Onboarded users tab of a Meta Business Center integration is fixed.

  • The issue with not displaying the Settings icon of a deleted account for the account Owner, therefore limiting access to the account details page, is fixed.

  • The issue with having to double-click an input field to make it editable is fixed. You should only have to click one time.

  • The issue with being unable to share a business center in All-Access Mode, even when you are the owner, is fixed.

Cerby browser extension

  • The issue with being unable to save an account at login because the account label contained special characters, such as vertical bars (|), is fixed.

  • The issue with being unable to log in to your accounts using the Cerby browser extension for Firefox and Edge is fixed in v1.0.260.

  • The issue with the inline menu being displayed continuously on the login page of Atlassian, even after closing it, is fixed.

Cerby mobile app

  • The issue with being unable to load the account details from the Password Autofill feature in iOS is fixed in v1.0.105. On the other hand, the issue with the Autofill feature in Android crashing when determining the domain of some apps is fixed in v1.0.129.

  • The issue with Autofill being displayed in the chats of Facebook Messenger is fixed in Android v1.0.129.

  • The issue with displaying empty screens in collections with zero items is fixed in iOS v1.0.121 and Android v1.0.13. Now, a message is displayed suggesting you to add items.

  • The issue with the Cerby mobile app crashing when displaying the screen to set up your trusted device is fixed in iOS v1.0.111 and Android v1.0.126.

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