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Getting started with Cerby
[Video Guide] Getting Started with Cerby
[Video Guide] Getting Started with Cerby

This article covers key steps for getting started with Cerby as an account owner or collaborator for accounts managed in Cerby.

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Hi there, welcome to Cerby!

We are a cybersecurity company focused on helping you and your organization manage, onboard, and secure the apps you use, as well as the accounts you share.

As an account owner or collaborator, you can access the following features of Cerby:

  • Share accounts securely with any team member or third parties, such as contractors and agencies.

  • Implement security best practices automatically to your apps.

  • Access your apps automatically, without entering any credentials. You must only remember one set of credentials to log in to Cerby.

  • Onboard new apps you need to do your job.

  • Monitor activity on your accounts.

The solution we offer combines the following three clients that work together to provide you with the best experience:

  • Browser extension: It enables you to log in to your accounts by automatically filling the credentials you store in Cerby in the corresponding fields of your apps. It also helps automate all of the security hygiene tasks available in Cerby.

  • Mobile app: It enables you to access your accounts from your mobile device. It also serves as a second device to authenticate for sensitive tasks by providing you with verification codes.

    • The Cerby mobile app is available for the following operating systems:

  • Web app: It enables you to manage all your accounts, share access with your team, and access your accounts, all from a single place.

So, say goodbye to sharing credentials through spreadsheets, phone calls, or emails. Also, forget about configuring multi-factor authentication or rotating passwords. We got you covered and can do all the hard work for you.

Let’s get started. Below are key videos grouped under the main actions you'll need to understand to get up and running.

How Do I Set Up Cerby?

How Do I Add My Accounts?

How Do I Protect My Accounts?

How Do I Share An Account?

How Do I Delete An Account?

How Do I Login In To My Accounts?

How Do I See Activity On My Accounts?

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