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Troubleshooting: Common issues with Twitter
Troubleshooting: Common issues with Twitter

This article describes how to troubleshoot the most common issues with accessing and managing your Twitter account through Cerby.

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This article helps you fix the most common issues with accessing and managing your Twitter account through Cerby.

The following are the most common issues:

The following sections describe each issue and, if applicable, the proposed solution.

New login location

When a Twitter account added to Cerby doesn’t have two-factor authentication (2FA) turned on, Twitter displays a dialog box that prompts you to enter a verification code when you try to log in automatically from Cerby, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Twitter Verification Dialog Box

With this dialog box, Twitter validates the login attempt by sending a verification code to the registered email address and verifying the location of the login attempt.

When Cerby does not manage the email address, we cannot enter the verification code automatically, and the automation workflow is interrupted. Therefore, you cannot log in unless you retrieve the verification code from the registered email address.


To solve the login attempt prompt, Cerby recommends using a Cerby-managed email address so that we can enter the verification code automatically. This code is sent to and retrieved from your Shared Inbox in Cerby.

For instructions on configuring a Cerby-managed email address, see the How to add a Cerby-managed email or phone number to your account video in our Help Center.

Manual 2FA enrollment

Twitter is one of the apps supported by Cerby with an automation workflow to turn on two-factor authentication (2FA) by simply activating a switch in the Settings tab of your account. Through this automation, the Cerby mobile app is configured as an authenticator app.

To execute the workflow successfully, you must have created and configured a Cerby-managed email address in your Twitter account to receive verification codes. If your business needs prevent you from using a Cerby-managed email address, you can enroll 2FA manually.

You can go through this manual configuration with your web browser or the Twitter mobile app. However, Cerby recommends using your web browser on a computer so you can scan the QR code displayed on the screen with your Cerby mobile app.

To enroll 2FA manually, follow the instructions in the How to manually enable 2FA for an account video or the How to use two-factor authentication article in the Twitter Help Center.

After turning on 2FA and configuring the Cerby mobile app as an authenticator app, your logging-in experience improves. Verification codes are automatically distributed to all account members and auto-filled when they log into Twitter from Cerby as follows:

  • When logging in through the Cerby web app, the verification code is entered automatically as part of the workflow.

  • When logging in through the Twitter mobile app, the verification code is copied to the clipboard by using the autofill feature. For more information, see the Cerby mobile app behavior section.

Cerby mobile app behavior

The Cerby mobile app helps you easily log in to your apps by auto-filling the credentials of the Twitter account you added to Cerby. Just open the login screen of the Twitter app on your mobile phone and use autofill on every input field according to your operating system (iOS or Android).

When 2FA is on, you may have to enter a verification code in an additional screen after auto-filling your credentials. Perform the following actions to retrieve the code according to your verification method:

  • Cerby mobile app as an authenticator app: The verification code is automatically copied to the clipboard when autofill is enabled on your mobile phone. Tap the Paste button to fill in the verification code field.

    NOTE: If autofill is not enabled or the code is not automatically copied to the clipboard, copy the verification code from the 2FA Code section. This section is located in the account details using the Cerby mobile app.

  • Cerby-managed phone number: The verification code is sent to the Shared Inbox, and you can retrieve it through the Cerby web app. For more information on the Shared Inbox, see the corresponding section in the Getting Started Guide for Admins article.

For more information on the logging-in process, see the How Do I Log In to My Apps Using the Cerby Mobile App? section of the Getting Started Guide for Account Owners and Collaborators article or the How to login to your Cerby managed accounts on mobile video.

Cerby-managed phone number support

Cerby provides and manages securely generated VoIP phone numbers you can use for your Twitter account and across your organization.

By managing this service, Cerby can improve the logging-in process for Twitter by automatically filling your verification codes when 2FA is turned on with the phone number as a verification method. These codes are retrieved from your Shared Inbox in Cerby.

However, Twitter doesn’t support VoIP phone numbers or configuring a phone number when you sign up for an account.


To use a Cerby-managed phone number, you must request a real number. Contact your account manager or send an email to

IMPORTANT: When you have the phone number, make sure to configure it in Twitter after validating your account.

Email swap

When you automatically swap the email address of your Twitter account, Twitter can take up to 24 hours to propagate the change. This situation occurs whether you change it automatically by creating a Cerby-managed email address or manually from your account settings on Twitter.

Twitter displays the email address field empty in your account settings during this time. Cerby recommends waiting until Twitter updates the information. Then, you can continue making other configuration changes.

Invalid 2FA verification code

Sometimes, when you log in automatically to your Twitter account from Cerby and have 2FA on, Twitter shows an error indicating that the verification code is incorrect, even when it is correct.


If you encounter the invalid 2FA verification code error, Cerby recommends you to enter the verification code manually. Depending on the verification method you have configured in Cerby, retrieve the code from the Cerby extension, the Cerby mobile app, or the Shared Inbox in the Cerby web app.

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