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This article describes the key benefits of guest users, a role that enables you to share items with external collaborators through Cerby.

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With Cerby, you have a secure way to collaborate closer with external parties through guest users. This role enables you to invite any collaborator who doesn't belong to your domain or corporate directory to join your Cerby workspace.

Unlike a host-guest partnership, where you must establish a connection with another Cerby workspace to share accounts, with the guest user role, you can directly share items (accounts, secrets, and collections) because your external collaborators are part of your workspace, using an identity and account provided and managed by Cerby. Therefore, they are searchable through the item-sharing dialog boxes.

Management of guest users is performed by Workspace Owners, Super Admins, and Admins, and invites can be sent by any workspace member in three ways:

  • From the Password Manager Importer, to persist the imported user access permissions on LastPass folders, passwords, and secure notes to Cerby collections, accounts, and secrets.

  • From the All Members view, via a direct invite.

  • From the Partners view, when external collaborators belong to a local partner.

IMPORTANT: If your external collaborators are already managed by your identity provider (such as Okta or Entra ID), contact your Cerby Admin or IT team to assign them to Cerby as regular workspace members.

After joining Cerby, all of the workspace members from your organization who have the Owner role on collections, accounts, and secrets can share their items directly with guest users or via a local partnership. However, they can only grant them the Collaborator role.

Guest users are displayed on a table within the Guest tab of the All Members view, as shown in Figure 1.

Screenshot of the Guest tab of the All Members view. The Add member drop-down list is displayed to select the Guest option and invite an external collaborator as guest user.

Figure 1. Guest tab within the All Members view

Access of guest users to the following workspace features is limited as follows:

  • They cannot access the All members view.

  • They cannot access the Distribution Lists view.

  • They cannot use the Password Manager Importer.

  • They can only view the teams to which they belong.

  • They can only view their user activity through the Activity view.

  • They cannot invite other guest users.

For more information about roles and supported features, read the article How Cerby manages roles.

If you are interested in this feature but don't see it available in your workspace, contact your Admin or our Customer Support team via email at

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